What we do

Our branch is run by volunteers, that each have their own roles in our branch.

From the start when cats come into our care, we have someone to collect them and take them to the vets/to their foster home. 

We then have our fosterers who take care of our cats until they find their forever home.

We have people that deal with the advertising of our cats across social media and here, on our website.

Our rehoming officer works with our home visitors to ensure our cats are going to the best possible homes.

We also have someone overseeing/recruiting all of our volunteers.

Then keeping everything ticking over is our coordinator, with 22 years experience helping cats in our area.

There are also volunteers in our shop, who work to keep the shop in Rosyth bringing in vital funds to help support our branch.

And finally, we all work together to work on various fundraising opportunities to ensure we can help as many cats as possible within our area.

Without each and everyone one of our volunteers, it would not be possible to do what we do and many of our volunteers are doing this in their own time, as well as having other family or work commitments.